July 2020

“In November 2019, I found myself in a situation I never thought I would be in. Fortunately, I found the Law Office of Colleen Kirby. I was in uncharted territory, scared and confused. But I placed my trust in Ms. Kirby and I’m very fortunate that I did. She possesses a complete and thorough knowledge of the law. She has strong relationships with court officials, prosecutors, and law enforcement. She works very hard for her clients and I was pleased with the outcome and the representation I received. I highly recommend her for your legal needs. You could not ask for a more competent and dedicated, professional attorney.”

April 2019

“Thank you I really appreciate the work you did to get these results. I’m very very grateful for this outcome!!! Thanks again Ms Kirby. If I come across anyone needing a traffic attorney, I’ll be sure to send them your way.” K.A.

March 2019

​“Happy is an understatement you really helped me in more ways than legally and I feel like ur efforts and certain things u said to me stuck with me and I felt like it wasn’t all about the money and I didn’t want to let u down as well as a few other ppl that deserved a better me, so for that I’ve changed a lot in these past few months for the better and I plan on doing nothing but that from here on out…. so I’m grateful to have met u and I’m blessed that u cared enough to do what u did for me (especially after hearing how everybody else with multiple dui’s got treated with or without a lawyer)” D.P

February 2019

“Ms. Kirby gave me my life back. My case required an unusual amount of attention, as my (false) accuser continued inventing new accusations, inflicting more litigation, and tormenting me and my family. Ms. Kirby guided me through it from beginning to end. When the time finally came for trial, Ms. Kirby had a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the facts and the evidence at hand, and was able to systematically dismantle every lie that was told, in real-time, and bring the truth to light. I am and will forever be grateful to her for her efforts. She cared, and had the acumen, guile, and dogged persistence to back it up with results. Thank you, Ms. Kirby.”